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Legal Bud Resource at IO Bud dot com.

The world's most exotic smokes and buds and the largest online Smoke Shop can be found at International Oddities - the original Legal Bud company for 25 years.

We offer the Strongest and Smoothest 100% natural legal buds, herbal smoke, legal bud cigarettes, smokeable herbal solids, herbal pills, lighters, cigarette cases, rolling machines and more for your smoking pleasure.

Order today and learn why we have been the legal bud industry leader for 25 years. You will get the highest quality products shipped to you with the absolute fastest delivery time in a non-descript plain box. Our products are #1 for mood relaxation and herbal potency.

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Panama Gold legal bud

Worlds Best Legal Buds & Herbal Smokes - don't look further!

From Panama Gold Bud to Krypto, Dro, Blueberry Bud, Maui Bud, and Skyscraper Bud, we have the most unique hybrid smokes in our online smoke shop.

Legal bud KryptoKrypto Bud is an International Oddities exclusive legal bud: Featuring bright green buds of the absolute Highest Quality. Krypto is the smoothest smoking, completely satisfying and tasty bud, with a unique exotic herbal smell - an ultra potent smoke that burns easily with extreme potency.

No matter what type of smoking experience you are looking for, you will NOT be disappointed with Krypto Bud.

It's an Incredible hybrid bud, and smokes great in your favorite hookah or vaporizer smoking device, or rolled with cigarette papers. Krypto legal bud is available in the freshpack rolling kit bud box, or in the resealable keep-fresh can, in a 1/2 oz. baggie, in bulk quantities, or find it at your local smokeshop.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to legal herbal Krypto Bud today!

Stunk Bud - It's Legal


Buy LEGAL BUDS like Stunk Bud at the best legal bud shop on the net, International Oddities. Stunk features BIG Buds with an ultimately Potent Smoke. These 100% legal buds are the highest quality herbs, and sure to please even the most experienced smoker!

With a familiar "stinky" smell, the remarkable response to this very rare plant material has made Stunk another legal herbal bud classic.

Explore Stunk and other legal buds today!

Cut out the middleman and buy direct
from the #1 online smoke store.

International Oddities features 100% Legal Buds and herbal smoke.
We are the grower, and sell the world's most exotic buds and herbal smokes. Don't be fooled by copy-cat online shops. Trust our 25 years of legal bud experience and product expertise! We have the BEST AND BIGGEST BUDS from all over the world.

Ahia Bud - Exotic smoke from Hawaii A'hia Bud is harvested and grown from the richest volcanic soil of the Hawaiian islands. This super fresh bud is hand groomed and unlike any other legal bud available today.

This Hawaiian Hybrid bud is 100% legal and an International Oddities smoke shop exclusive!

Freshly picked and imported directly from our huge reserves in Hawaii, we maintain the potency of A'hia buds and our other herbal smokes through innovative packing such as the pop-fresh can, shotgun tube pack, and the fresh-pack rolling kit.

This strain of exotic hawaiian herbal buds are sure to provide an extremely pleasurable smoking experience!

Try Ahia Buds in a vaporizer or hookah for smoothest smoking pleasure.

"We Grow the Future"
For 25 years International Oddities has served up Products of a higher latitude. They are 100% Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke and Legal Herbal Buds. For those who inhale, we're harvesting your field of dreams. Refer to our products throughout the site for high grade
deep discounted bud. Save 75 % and buy in bulk.
See bud pics below.

Wholesale bud - Save 75% at International Oddities

The Biggest and Phatest Legal Buds You Can Buy Online


SKYSCRAPER BUD for bud lovers - is one of our top herbal bud smokes making it one of the best selling legal buds in the world! These premium buds taste great, smell even better and are an extremely smooth legal smoking bud, to say the least.

Skyscraper BUD!

Customers ask again and again, are these buds really legal? The answer is absolutely YES. We sell 100% legal bud smoke. And Skyscraper bud is a proud addition to our HUGE line of Exotic Legal Bud smokes.

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